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Fully automatic boring bar compensation
  • Automatic bore sizing
  • Increase in cell productivity and throughput efficiency
  • Consistent bore size control
  • Increase in spindle utilisation
  • Multiple edges with individual adjustment
  • Reduces scrap
  • Simple to set up
Remotely adjustable boring bars
  • Adjustment boring tools from hand held device without entering the machine
  • Reduces health and safety risks
  • Accurate adjustments without presetter
ActiveEdge tooling process


Pre-set tool bores hole on CNC machine tool


Bored hole is measured with dedicated gauge or probe

Automatically Adjust

Measurement is used to calculate adjustment for tool. Boring tool is wirelessly adjusted

Confidently adjust to 1μm on diameter
  • Allow operators of all skill levels to confidently adjust boring bars
  • Adjusts to 1μm on diameter
  • Significantly reduces risk of scrap parts
  • Make fast micron accurate adjustments to multiple cutting edges
  • Improves process capability
  • Digital display in microns, showing exact adjustment made
  • Cartridge-based design, interchangeable with UFP
  • 0.6mm range of adjustment on diameter
  • Metric or Imperial settings
  • Rechargeable

Special Tool Design

Rigibore design and manufacture customised, multi-function, combination boring bars specific to your application

  • Tool quotes in 24hrs
  • Tool delivery in 2 - 3 weeks
  • Comprehensive technical support

Rigibore engineers tooling that saves cycle time by combining features.

We increase quality by using our own range of highly accurate adjustable products.

Our focus is purely on hole making strategies and with over thirty years experience in this engineering field we consider ourselves the best in the world at providing our customers with solutions to making perfect holes.

All our tools are built to incorporate ISO standard inserts.

RADS (Rigibore Advanced Design Software) allows the engineering of complex boring tools in minutes with automatically generated 3D models for detail design and appoval.

Standard Boring Bars & Units

  • Complete range of standard boring bars
  • Roughing, semi-finish and finish tools
  • Bore from ⌀ 15.875 to ⌀ 450.00mm
  • Stock available in all common taper & straight shanks

UFP Cartridges

Ultra-Fine Precision Cartridges (Finishing)

  • Graduated adjustment by 5 microns on diameter
  • 0.6mm range of adjustment on diameter
  • Pre-tensioned for zero backlash
  • No clamping
  • For CAD models and design dimensions see website

Micron-Bush Units (MBX)

  • Micron Adjustable Bush Units (finishing)
  • Interchangeable with other leading brands
  • Competitive prices
  • Angular and square mount available
  • 4 sizes

ISO Cartridges

  • Screw-on style ISO cartridges (roughing)
  • ISO Standard design cartridges
  • (06CAx7) 06CA 08CA 10CA 12CA

Special designed cartridges available

Inserts - Standard & Special Form

  • ISO Standard range of Inserts
  • Cast iron grades
  • Aluminium grades
  • Steel grades & geometries
  • Special designed form inserts available

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