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The Matsuura Open House was an opportunity for prospective CNC machine buyers to see the latest Matsuura has to offer in its modern showroom. Matsuura is the UK's market leader when it comes to unmanned multi-pallet systems and multi-tasking CNC machining. Matsuura machines have some of the very best reliability rates in the industry, offering proven low cost of ownership and peace-of-mind performance for the life of the machine. This 'lights-out' approach to machining is what impressed Matsuura about ActiveEdge and resulted in Matsuura inviting Rigibore to showcase their product at the 2012 Open House.

An ActiveEdge closed-loop system was set up on a Matsuura H.Plus-405 horizontal CNC machine. A bore of diameter 55mm H7 was the target size.

A Rigibore ActiveEdge tool was preset to cut this diameter. After the bore cycle was completed, a Renishaw probe was used to accurately measure the bore and deliver the bore measurement to the machine control. Rigibore's subroutines quickly calculated the required compensation for the ActiveEdge boring bar. This calculated compensation was relayed to Rigibore's ActiveEdge Interface hardware, hard wired to the machine via a basic interface available as standard on most machine tools. The ActiveEdge Interface then sent the required compensation to the ActiveEdge boring bar. The boring bar adjusted the tip of a small, user replaceable preloaded cartridge. Once this was complete the cycle continued. Results recorded are within +/- 1 micron of the target size.

This compensation can take place in-spindle or in the tool carousel allowing machining to take place concurrently with the tool adjustment. No major alterations are required on the machine to accommodate ActiveEdge tooling.

Technology, innovation and helping customers improve production efficiency are the foundation of Rigibore's products. This pioneering technology is already being used in a number of installations where it allows companies to reduce unnecessary operator intervention by actively compensating the boring tools for wear. This allows the customer to get the most out of the cutting edge and increase tool life.

The three main areas for utilising this technology are as follows:

  • High volume production: 'boring unmanned'
  • High value production: 'boring high tolerances'
  • Health and Safety: where there are risks associated with operators entering a machine tool

The exhibition was a great success with a record number of enquiries received for Rigibore and Matsuura.

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