Introducing Smartbore, the fast, easy to use micron-accurate 'manually operated' cutting-edge tool adjuster.

Smartbore® system is designed to enable an operator to quickly and easily make manual, micron-accurate adjustments to the cutting edges of a fine boring tool while it is located in the machine spindle.

For small hole boring operations, Smartbore Nano allows the use of Smartbore on holes down to 0.5mm in diameter


Step 1
The Adjuster is switched on and inserted into the mating connection on the cartridge.
Step 2
The Adjuster handle is turned to move the cutting edge (micron by micron) and digital readings of the amount of adjustment being made is displayed on the integral LCD screen.
Step 3
When the desired compensation has been made, the Adjuster is withdrawn from the cartridge and the process is complete.

Features & Benefits

  • Cartridge adjustment down to 1 micron on diameter (0.6 mm range).
  • Digital readout allows for easy and precise adjustments to tool.
  • One Adjuster can be used to adjust any Smartbore product.
  • Available in replaceable cartridge or built-in configurations.
  • Easy to use by skilled or semi skilled operators.
  • Patented design.
  • Smartbore® cartridges fit standard UFP pockets.
  • Ideal for tight tolerance precision manufacturing.
  • Can be built into any tool with multiple cutting edges per tool.
  • Easy to use Adjuster; only one Adjuster for any number of tools.
  • Integral radio module can transmit the adjustment data to a remote display, ie. a computer screen or LCD display hardware (separately available).

Case Studies

Smartbore Gear Housing

Smartbore system supplied by Rigibore to increase accuracy and reduce scrap rates.

View PDF

Smartbore Connection Rods

Rigibore tooling was enlisted to improve boring efficiency of a 2nd tier automotive company, machining connection rod components.

View PDF

Automotive Transfer Case

Smartbore tooling was enlisted to improve machining efficiencies of an aluminium transfer case for an industry leading 4x4 automotive end user.

View PDF

Technical Information

The Smartbore cartridge contains an integral position transducer. This is activated by the Adjuster when the connection is made.

The Smartbore Adjuster contains a rechargeable power source, together with the control electronics necessary to display the adjustment reading on the LCD.

The Adjuster also supplies power to the cartridge position transducer when connected. The transducer returns position data to the Adjuster which is then interpreted and displayed on the LCD.

View our Smartbore downloads section if you can't find the documentation here.

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